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We start by investigating the current state of affairs

  • business processes audit
  • IT architecture audit
  • security audit
  • audit to identify supplier change opportunities

Strategy building

The next step in the process is the creation of a high-level framework for further action

  • creation of a IT strategy or programme
  • building the enterprise architecture
  • projects and initiatives roadmap
  • industry reference architectures
  • mapping the strategy to MBO

Support projects and implementations

The further steps depend on the specific initiative or project, but usually include the following stages:

  • preparation of a tender for the project
    • business case
    • market surveys
    • selection of the purchasing strategy
    • RFI preparation
    • implementation concept
    • guidelines for organisational and process changes
    • guidelines for changes in related systems
    • description of procurement
  • conducting a tender; supplier selection
    • RFP plus the evaluation methodology
    • contract negotiations
    • reference contract
  • project or programme management
    • business conception, process modelling
    • technical design, domain data models
    • supervision of implementation
    • organisation and automation of migration
    • requirement coverage matrix and test automation
    • training plans, e-learning
    • job and process instructions
    • data acquisition and data quality control


The post-implementation maintenance is an important, yet often overlooked, step in the process

  • building the first line of maintenance
  • establishment of a call centre
  • creation of a service card and harmonising of line 2 and line 3 support services
  • Change Request process management

Inter-process services

We also provide a wide range of services independent of the individual stages described above

  • management of programmes, projects and initiatives
  • running the Project Management Office (PMO)
  • ad hoc domain-specific expertise and business analysis
  • transformation of business organisation
  • supervision over the implementation process (as a project supervisor)
  • implementation of process support tools
  • organisation of individual components of the client’s process (workflows, document templates and tools)
  • trainings and knowledge transfer
  • creation and professionalisation of project roles
  • negotiations, mediations, legal support
  • analysis of external financing opportunities

Process support products

We offer complementary systems for our services for:

  • project management or project portfolio management
  • project scope management
  • enterprise architecture management
  • test and process automation
  • working as a design structure matrices

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