People willingly contribute to the well-being of others, as long as it is their own choice.

Marshall Rosenberg

Get IT Dan operates in a demanding business environment, translating ambitious requirements into expectations towards its own team. At the same time, it creates opportunities for those who want to develop themselves. The atmosphere of openness, cooperation and mutual respect makes working for Get IT Dan not only a professional challenge but also a pleasure.
Danuta Ulaszewska

If you look for a team in which:

  • your opinions matter,
  • failure is a starting point for reflection and improvement rather than a blame game,
  • personal development is a part of everyday work, and not just a platitude from job ads and interviews,
  • then you will be more than happy working for Get IT Dan. I am!

Bolesław Pająk
I value the fact that I work for an organisation that does not limit my creative contribution to our mutual success. At the same time, I can build the company’s business existence and myself – in the multiple aspects of self-development. I start with what I can control: myself and how I work with people who share my values.
Daniel Wielechowski
We use a participatory formula, where everyone has an impact on what is going on in our company and how things are done. Here everyone takes responsibility for their goals, actions and outputs. Although we do not call ourselves a turquoise company (because the media hype seems to devalue the term “turquoise”), in many aspects we do act as an organisation at that stage of development, as described by Frederic Laloux. In my opinion, this model can ensure integrity and self-fulfilment, especially in relationships with fellow human beings, and as such is opposed to “I” centred consumerism, where “I” often wins at the expense of “you”. I am proud of that, and I am glad that I can work here with colleagues who share the same values.
Bartosz Usdrowski


Although it is quite unpopular, we are idealists and not ashamed to admit it. Although in our everyday work we are down-to-earth, and we love data and graphs, it is the ideas that drive our development. And in our industry, it is a must.

Learn about our values that are the source of success that we achieve with our clients.

Synergy between personal and professional lives
Continuous development and the right to make mistakes
Delivering real value to the client
People are, in fact, good, unless it is proven otherwise
Work should not require coercion or pressure
Those who know, decide, and the rest have confidence in them

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.

Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower was famous for his excellent time management skills. He created the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, also known as the Priority Matrix.

At Get IT Dan we use this tool to support our clients and to develop professionally, while consciously setting priorities in all our actions. In particular, we place emphasis on things that are important but not urgent, because they determine the development and the “vision of the end” priority.


We meticulously plan our work, as we fully comprehend that important and non-urgent matters can have far-reaching consequences. We get in the habit of regular self-improvement and self-development.


We complete quickly what is urgent, as we are fully aware that a failure here may have far-reaching consequences, including extra workload.


Delegating urgent but unimportant tasks allows us to focus on what is really important.


We eliminate non-urgent and unimportant tasks because we respect our time and the time of our partners.

For us, the Eisenhower Decision Matrix is a quick and easy tool for achieving direct insight into to-do lists.

It lets us to prioritise and to plan our work, effectively and rationally.

Since what is really important is seldom urgent, we have put the Eisenhower Decision Matrix into our logo as a reminder that we do not want to be overwhelmed with current issues, but always have our eyes set on development and the right priorities.